There are several reasons why you won't find trash cans or containers for sorted waste in vast majority of city centers. The main reasons are people themselves. While some people sort waste, others rummage in it and the waste then piles next to containers. The easiest way to ensure that these specific places don’t look bad while retaining their functionality is to bury the containers underground. Literally.

First of all, you will save space. A large container is replaced by a box with the size of a trash can. This box is used as a filling hole and is designed to allow only throwing in of waste and prevent various waste collectors from going through waste and throwing it out. At the same time, it is no longer a subject of various games and stunts that often lead to the container being tipped over and emptied on the street. The loud noise of breaking bottles, not to mention the smell, also remains hidden underground.

Underground containers significantly improve the quality of the urban environment, which is the long-term goal of Meva. Its plants today produce several types of underground containers. Meva has rich experience with developing these products and it always strives to improve them. Meva works on improving the design of aboveground throw-in shafts, as well as on the easiest system of emptying the containers. See for yourselves in your home town.

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