Sorting of waste is an increasingly popular business. This trend is documented by the steeply increasing number of recycled products. In accordance with official statistics, 603,144 tons of packaging materials were recycled in 2010.

Statisticians also calculated that this saved astronomical 23.3 million gigajoules of energy. A side effect, which is just as important, was the reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases for almost a million tons.

In the Czech Republic alone there are more than 200 thousand colorful sorting containers available. And their number is increasing. Directive of the European Union on packaging valid between 2008 and 2012 clearly determines that the desirable share of recycling of disposable packages is at least 55 %.

The number of containers for sorted waste in our streets is increasing. However, in many places, installation of these containers is not possible due to lack of space or strict demands of city planners or conservationists, for instance in historical city centres. These places are perfect for our underground containers. The containers allow people to sort waste in such places where it has been impossible so far, including mainly busy and fully used locations, as is documented by many Czech squares and normal trash cans overflowing with plastic and glass bottles.

Meva produces several types of underground containers. It has many years of experience with developing these containers and is constantly working on improving them. Meva is currently also working on improving the design of aboveground throw-in shafts, as well as on the easiest system of emptying the containers.

See for yourselves.

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