The joint-stock company MEVA is a Czech engineering company with a long tradition. Its seat is in Roudnice nad Labem and it consists of three individual divisions. Two of them are the production bases located in the Roudnice districts of Bezděkov and Urbanka. The third division ensures management and administration.

The Bezděkov division produces a wide range of traditional ash tanks, barrels and waste containers, as well as many other just-as-important products used namely in waste management. Newly it also produces underground and semi-underground containers.

The company management strives to ensure that the Meva brand actively participates on increasing the environment quality not only in the Czech Republic but in all of Europe.

In order to meet this goal, it is important to increase the volume of export, which as of today constitutes more than 70 % of all production. The main export destinations of our products include Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia and Romania.

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