The history of the Meva company, as documented by a preserved extract from the trade register, dates back to 21 October 1898 in Prague - on this day, the "Joint-stock company for metal goods industry" was established. The company thrived and in 1898-1919 it underwent significant expansion. It gradually acquired other plants in Bohemia and later on in Schwanzenberg and Lösnitz in Saxony, in Austrian Krems and in Budapest. At the peak of its success the company employed up to 2500 people.

The company offered a wide range of products, including for instance bathing tubs, lamps for candles, kerosene and gas, street gas lamps, utensils, spirit stoves, trays, bowls and a whole range of other supplies. During World War I, the assortment was extended for ammunition, grenades, shrapnel and barbed wire.

Between 1919-1934 the company went through hard times. The main cause was the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, followed by the creation of succession states and related introduction of new currencies and laws. All these facts together with the Great Depression caused a gradual breakdown of the company and finally its dissolution.

Individual plants were sold. For instance, the main plant in Smíchov in Prague was sold to the Křižík-Chaudior company. The last plant to be dissolved was the factory in Roudnice nad Labem. Chief Clerk Volf was authorized with the dissolution but he instead came to the conclusion that the plant could be retained. He transported selected machines from the Prague plant to Roudnice nad Labem and he gradually expanded the production.

After World War II the plant underwent a whole range of organizational, structural, technological and assortment change. The production of barrels and containers for waste was expanded and the production of kerosene lamps also increased. The offer was extended to new products, for instance metal cases for bottles, propane-butane cookers, lamps, air breathing apparatus and finally waste containers with a volume of 1.1 m3 that are now used all over the world.

As far as the name-MEVA-is concerned, it first appeared in the extract of the trade register of 3rd January 1918. It was, however, written as MEWA, which was an abbreviation of the German MetallWAren (“Metal Goods” in English). On 20th May 1921, the name was changed to the Czech spelling, i.e. MEVA. This company maintained its name throughout all the changes up to this date.

So far the last chapter of the company history began after 17th November 1989. The company was included in the first wave of voucher privatization and on 5th May 1992, by a government decision, the joint stock company MEVA Roudnice nad Labem was founded.

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